VIRTUAL WALL® controller provides a solution for managing your facility by integrating HVAC systems into a single access point. A building management system for total control of a facility’s HVAC system, Virtual Wall® provides the ultimate in energy efficiency for large open space by combining best-in-class HVAC technologies.

Ultimate Energy Efficiency by Combining Best-In-Class HVAC Technologies 

  • Reduce energy consumption and control your facility’s environment with an easy-to-use control and premier HVAC equipment
  • Control flexibility allows the facility manager to adjust settings or monitor the system anytime/anywhere through a simple touch screen, smart device or PC
  • A custom HVAC solution provided by one supplier with the expertise to help you update your existing facility, or compliment a new one

Integrated Equipment:

  • Rapid Engineering Direct Fired Air Handler (with integrated control). 4000-Series industrial-grade welded cabinet with airflow offering up to 150,000 CFM.
  • Roberts Gordon Infrared Heating Systems (with CORAYVAC® Modulating Control). CORAYVAC® custom engineered heating systems feature burner-in-series design with filtered air intake for cleaner combustion.
  • Addison HVAC 100% Dedicated Outdoor Air System (with integrated control). PR-Series packaged rooftop systems utilize multiple technologies to serve commercial markets.

Customization, Optimization and Integration made simple.

  • Intuitive graphical user interface showing equipment status in real time while providing access to zone temperatures throughout the facility allowing users to adjust accordingly
  • Adjust set points and other control properties through advanced scheduling during occupied and unoccupied modes
  • Uses open protocol allowing communication over the internet or intranet without special software or plug-ins
  • Flexible trending provides users with historical operation data to review building conditions

Download Virtual Wall Specification

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