Other Brands


Product Line: Cooling Equipment
Manufacturing Location: Orlando, Florida

Addison manufactures cooling, heating and dehumidification equipment for medical facilities, educational spaces, and the hospitality market. Addison is well known for 100% Dedicated Outdoor Air Units, such as the patent-pending Linear Capacity™ featuring Active Coil Exposure™ technology. Linear Capacity™ simultaneously delivers breakthrough performance, energy efficiency and indoor air quality.

SAS Dectron Company

Product Line: Indoor Pool Dehumidification Equipment
Manufacturing Location: Montreal, Quebec

Dectron manufactures indoor pool dehumidification equipment for residential, commercial, institutional and industrial applications. With our patented heat recycling system, Dectron sets the standard in energy-efficient, reliable equipment that proves to be a ‘must have’ for every indoor pool.

Product Line: Indoor Pool Dehumidification Equipment
Manufacturing Location: York, Pennsylvania

PoolPakis a leading global manufacturer of packaged natatorium environmental control systems.

Product Line: Low Intensity Infrared Tube Heaters
Manufacturing Location: Buffalo, New York

Roberts-Gordon manufactures infrared heaters for airplane hangars, warehouse facilities, distribution centers, and auto body repair shops. Roberts-Gordon has been a leader in the infrared industry since the early 1960s. Recent innovations include the industry’s highest efficiency system.

Product Line: Indoor Pool Dehumidification Equipment
Manufacturing Location: Ville Saint Laurent, Quebec

With their years of experience in the industry, they knew what owners, engineers and service professionals really wanted but could not find. They also knew with meticulous attention to design and exceptional focus on manufacturing processes that they could build the best dehumidifier in the business. A product that would set new standards for quality, performance and reliability. A product that would provide the lowest overall cost of ownership. A product that discriminating buyers would recognize as their smartest investment, in a critical piece of equipment.

Product Line: Indoor Dehumidification Equipment
Manufacturing Location: Madison, Wisconsin

Beginning with heat recovery water heaters, Therma-Stor now also manufactures a line of residential dehumidifiers, which includes the Santa Fe series of free-standing dehumidifiers and the Ultra Aire series of whole house ventilating dehumidifiers. Therma-Stor also offers Quest Hi-E Dry commercial dehumidifiers and the Phoenix line of restoration equipment for dehumidification, air scrubbing, water extraction, and evaporative drying.