Our well-known brands provide energy efficiency, comfort, innovation and integration.

100% Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems

Roberts Gordon Infrared Heating

Infrared Heating Systems

Rapid Engineering LLC

Direct-Fired, Make-Up Air Handlers

Customization, Optimization and Integration made simple

Weather-Rite LLC

Indirect and Direct-Fired Air Handlers

Indoor Pool Dehumidification Systems

Phoenix Air Systems

Hygienic Air Handlers


Direct-Fired Air Handlers for Vehicle Finishing



Our team has a deep understanding of the design and application of customized products.

Access to energy efficient, integrated, cutting edge innovations:

Breakthrough performance from our best-in-class technologies, such as:

Customer-focused, personal approach before, during and after the sale:

Contact the factory directly for your equipment needs. Your dedicated National Accounts team member will coordinate with the local representative and contractor so you can focus on managing your facilities.

Quick response:

Dealing direct with the factory means your request is handled right at the source. Precious time is saved by reducing steps in the buying process.

Transparent, competitive pricing:

Pricing direct from the factory allows you to better control equipment, installation and operational costs, as well as ensure consistency across all locations.

Reduced replacement costs:

If you already have one of our brands, there are several cost effective, energy efficient options for upgrades or replacements. Oftentimes, components or accessories can be re-used, thereby reducing replacement costs.

Proven track record:

Several high profile, industry leading companies trust Specified Air Solutions’ custom HVAC equipment.


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Vice President of Sales
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National Accounts Sales Manager
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Vice President of Marketing
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